How Manny Pacquiao awed the world!

By | May 6, 2011

I’m not really a boxing aficionado but I’m forced to be one on seasons where news wires have nothing on their front page but Manny Pacquiao. From the biggest international news agencies of all media down to local Bandera here in town, Manny Pacquio is undeniably the talk of the world.

I remember I had once a chance to meet him in one of the department stores here in Davao, – NCCC in particular – remember that time when he wore his hair blonde? I wonder if it was dyed with agua oxinada or something, he wasn’t an item in the boxing world during that time yet. But just in a matter of years, he emerged as the world’s famed name in boxing.

Thing with this man, he did not achieve his stardom quick and easy, he took it one step at a time leaving remarkable history each time. All of those achieved in clean and pure entertainment that made memories to the boxing fans.

He has not talked evil to any of his opponents, he has not underrated any of them either but worked to be at par even surpassed his challenger’s level.

Today, he has taken his boxing career into the next level, not only for sports purposes if that’s the word but he has strategically used this moment to turn the world, into the deeper meaning of his fights and if I may quote;

The Manny Pacquiao quotable quote;

“All my life, I have had to fight. As a child, I had to fight just to eat. And now when I fight, Filipinos call me a hero. I believe the biggest fight of my life is not in boxing. The biggest fight in my life is how to end poverty in my country.”

With the fame and influence he has now, there’s actually no reason why we would come to doubt his spirit to help alleviate poverty in this, in his dearth-stricken country.

With that statement he was caught quoted by millions of people around the world – that a once street boy who ran away from home because his father butchered and ate his pet dog, has charmed and awed – even the most powerful man in the world – Obama.

Manny, you’re indeed a pride of the Filipinos! LONG LIVE MANNY PACQUIAO!

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claro on 2011/05/06 at 9:33 PM.

love it, dyed by agua oxinada. hahaha.


Mrs.D on 2011/05/06 at 11:36 PM.

wow! hanga ako kay Manny..mabuahay ang mga pinoy…ganda nang quote nya ha.


Marly on 2011/05/12 at 3:31 AM.

Congrats Manny! The Filipino people are proud of you.


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